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FarmFleet at the Discover the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem event: Discussing the prospects of hydrogen energy in the agricultural sector


Conscious use of resources and the concept of sustainable development are global trends and components of socially responsible business. More and more agricultural producers are choosing to optimize production through unmanned technologies and automation of work processes. One of the most relevant trends is the reduction of fuel costs. These aspects play an important role in a resource-saving approach to farming, aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, lowering costs, and increasing yields. With advanced experience in providing service for agricultural drone applications and implementing practices to reduce the carbon footprint, FarmFleet joined the event dedicated to hydrogen energy - Discover the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem, which took place on June 20-21, 2024, in the USA.

The event became an expert platform for creating and strengthening collaborations between state structures, universities, and representatives of large and small agribusinesses. Valery Yakovenko, CEO and managing partner of FarmFleet, shared actual experiences in implementing resource-saving technologies and services for applying agricultural drones in Ukraine, which must be scaled to foreign markets.

Hydrogen energy is becoming more and more relevant in agriculture, thanks to its unique opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint and conserve resources. The use of hydrogen in the agricultural sector allows for effectively solving problems related to energy efficiency and a sustainable approach to production.

“Today, the future of energy lies in stability, sustainability, and the latest technologies that the world is seeing for the first time. We were present at events dedicated to hydrogen energy, not only as an addition to natural gas but as an independent energy carrier. The directions of the latest hydrogen energy industry can be useful for Ukraine from the point of view of decentralization of energy generation, construction of new generation smart systems, and emphasis on future technologies. This is important when we are talking about rebuilding the Ukrainian energy system and the further sustainable development of the agricultural sector," - said Valery Yakovenko.

Basing its activities on the value of resource saving multiplied by high efficiency, FarmFleet develops ecosystems for the use of agricultural drones, which significantly reduce the use of water and fossil fuels, and as a result, scales the ecological approach to agribusiness.

FarmFleet would like to thank the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, the New Jersey and Delaware Economic Development Offices, especially the University of Delaware's Science, Technology, and Advanced Research Campus (STAR Campus), and DuPont for their invaluable experience and joint expert discussions.