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FarmFleet joins the SelectUSA Investment Summit 2024


Ukrainian business is becoming the basis for dynamic changes in world markets, actively implementing unmanned technologies in agriculture and creating strong investment attraction. As a headliner in the integration of innovative solutions in agricultural production and the largest market for the commercial use of agricultural drones, FarmFleet is joining the large-scale investment event, the SelectUSA Investment Summit 2024, which will be held on June 23-26 this year in Washington, D.C., USA.

The event will unite thousands of investors, representatives of companies, startups, and economic development organizations, and will be a significant event for participating companies, as it will open up unique opportunities for cross-cultural exchange of experience, acquisition of innovative practices, and technologies that can be integrated into the Ukrainian agricultural sector. An important part of the event will be the discussion of strategic investments and partnerships that will contribute to economic growth and modernization of the Ukrainian agricultural industry.

On the eve of the official opening of the summit on June 23, representatives of technology companies will gather to discuss current and urgent topics, particularly in the agricultural sector:

On June 20, at The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub, the attention of experts will be focused on research into hydrogen electricity technology, which allows for the complete elimination of the carbon footprint. Agriculture is one of the leaders in carbon footprint formation, so its reduction or elimination is a trend and a requirement for modern agribusiness.

On June 21, at Ukraine's Economic Revival: Innovation and Human Capital, experts from key industries, together with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Oksana Markarova, and the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Tetyana Berezhna, will look for ways to the economic revival of Ukraine with an emphasis on innovation and the strategic use of human capital in the rural economy. FarmFleet is the startup that actively attracts new investments and integrates innovations into the Ukrainian agricultural sector, increasing the yield of agricultural holdings and creating a safer food and economic environment in Ukraine.

FarmFleet's participation in the SelectUSA Investment Summit 2024 will provide a solid basis for attracting new investments and forming new partnerships that will contribute to the

systematic exchange of experience and the adoption of best practices for the development of the Ukrainian agricultural industry.