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FarmFleet Takes the Spotlight at CES on day one: a Tech Talks with Industry Leaders


In a remarkable start to CES 2024, the FarmFleet team had a momentous day, meeting with Gary Shapiro, an acclaimed author, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which represents over 1500 consumer technology companies and owns and produces the renowned Consumer Electronics Show. The FatmFleet team, a prominent player in the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, engaged in discussions about the impressive tech developments and achievements within the Ukrainian tech landscape.

A pivotal highlight of the day unfolded at the National Ukrainian Stand in Eureka Park, where FarmFleet was among the startups that pitched their innovations directly to Gary Shapiro. This meeting not only showcased the potential of FarmFleet but also underscored the global interest in Ukraine's burgeoning tech scene.

Later in the day, the FarmFleet team had the distinct honor of representing Ukraine at the European Innovation Council's event — the European Night panel discussion and networking session. Alongside Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco, the team engaged in conversations that continuously received strong diplomatic support for Ukraine. Mr. Jean-Arthur Régibeau, Belgian Ambassador to the United States, delivered a compelling message, emphasizing the strength of Europe's unity, with Ukraine being an integral part of it.

The FarmFleet team is not merely a participant but a crucial part of the inspirational Ukrainian startup ecosystem, contributing significantly to the advancement of agriculture in Ukraine. Their innovations aim to make agriculture more effective and sustainable, reflecting the nation's commitment to cutting-edge technology.

The CES visitors, including industry representatives, media, and VIPs like Gary Shapiro and distinguished diplomats, expressed keen interest in FarmFleet's initiatives. The positive reception underscores not only the potential of Ukrainian startups but also the global relevance of their contributions to shaping a more technologically advanced and sustainable future for agriculture. As CES unfolds, FarmFleet will showcase more of its revolutionary farming practices not only in Ukraine, where the company is headquartered, but also on a global scale in the future, driving innovation, efficiency, and security in the agricultural sector and demonstrating the transformative power of Ukrainian entrepreneurship on the world stage.