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FarmFleet congratulates Futurology on its anniversary in the American market


Creating a network of partnerships, globalization, and technological development play a crucial role in scaling businesses, including the growth of the modern agricultural sector.

FarmFleet is actively expanding its horizons through strategic partnerships. Beyond Ukraine, the company aims to create international alliances, particularly in the US market, to implement

advanced agricultural technologies and innovative solutions. One such partner in the American market is Futurology, which has been actively operating in the USA for a year.

The establishment of Futurology occurred alongside the active start of FarmFleet in America, with the primary goal of spreading Ukrainian agricultural expertise globally, starting with the USA. At that time, FarmFleet managed to attract foreign investments amounting to $550,000.

Throughout the year, the Futurology brand has laid a strong foundation for future technological expansion and the establishment of a component base developed in Ukraine. In a short period, the company has gained serious trust and authority as a reliable technological partner, setting trends in innovation and leading their implementation in various industries, including agriculture.

In one year, Futurology has achieved significant results in the US market:

· Official business registration;

· Opening of the first office and hiring employees;

· Securing initial government contracts with the USA;

· Collaboration with the U.S. Navy.

Today, Futurology engages in direct discussions with government representatives, actively collaborates with universities and local academic communities, and supports the development of new directions.

The collaboration between FarmFleet and Futurology opens up grand opportunities for exchanging experiences gained in challenging conditions and proven to be effective, as well as integrating the most modern solutions the world has ever seen. Consequently, FarmFleet and Futurology enable the creation of innovative solutions for the agricultural sector and industry that are relevant for application in both countries.

The dynamic development of Futurology on the American continent allows it to claim substantial financial resources and relationships with financial institutions in the market, which are extremely necessary for the reconstruction of Ukraine. The reputation and image that Futurology has gained during its time on the global market already open opportunities for obtaining credit resources that can become significant support for Ukrainian businesses.


Today, Futurology and FarmFleet are the companies setting trends in building quality partnerships and implementing innovative technologies worldwide. Such collaborations not only strengthen FarmFleet's position but also contribute to the development of global agriculture, ensuring effective, sustainable, and modern methods of agribusiness.