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Customer Support: +38 073 773 34 00

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Agricultural drone application services

Welcome to FarmFleet - your reliable partner in providing advanced agricultural drone services.

We understand the importance of timely crop protection, which is why we focus on delivering only high-quality, efficient, and reliable services to our clients. The application of plant protection products and fertilizers using drones is highly relevant in the cultivation of traditional agricultural crops in fields and orchards.

The use of agricultural drone services for the application of plant protection products and fertilizers offers numerous advantages compared to traditional approaches.


90%fuel economy

A reduction in fuel usage by 20 times compared to ground-based wheeled machinery.


95%saving water

A reduction in the required volume of working solution due to a spraying rate of 5 liters per hectare.


30%saving plant protection products

The ultra-low-volume application technology ensures significant savings on the amount of the pesticide.


up to 10% additional yield

The absence of mechanical damage to plants and technological tracks increases the crop yield per hectare.


mobility and productivity

A single team with two agricultural drones can cover 150-200 hectares per shift.


entry under any conditions

The drone application technology allows for immediate work after rainfall and efficient treatment of fields with steep terrain and complex configurations.

Our team of experienced professionals strives to provide high-quality services that fully meet the needs of our clients and enhance their operational outcomes. We offer close collaboration and an individualized approach, ensuring the adaptation of our work to the specific conditions and requirements of each farm, along with the development of a customized treatment plan. FarmFleet experts will provide the best care for your crops.

Entrust your spraying needs to FarmFleet and focus on realizing the full potential of your field's productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about our agricultural drone application services provided by FarmFleet, your trusted service provider.